Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Best Friend.. :)

My best friend.. now this is a tough question. Through out the years I have had friends that have influenced me in many ways. And I have many best friends. However for the worst of the worst and everything I have gone through there has been one friend that I can talk to for hours and she will still look at me the same..... drum roll please......
Now, I only really got to know this little bundle of joy our sophomore year of high school. And man did we go through A LOT. She was the first person I actually sluffed with. We went to 5th period then went and got manicures and massages the rest of the afternoon.
We developed a LOVE for drummers, band members, dancing, and Vanilla Crazes from Sonic.
Our issues with liking the same boy never was a problem, even if we were getting played by him... and knew it.
She is the one girl that I go to when I am in tears. Tears of joy, of pain, of stress etc. Anything I cry about, I cry on her shoulder. I talk to her about just everything.
We even quote "Mean Girls" to each other without hesitation. I love this girl. She is beautiful and talented and always makes my day when I talk to her. And when we get together it is just like we saw each other the day before. Kaylee is a wonderful woman, and when trials come her way she just astounds me with the way she handles them. Kaylee is my best friend because God forgot to giver her to me as my sister. Kaylee, thank you for everything you have helped me through. Love you!

Senior Year Drama Banquet... "You're coming and you better look amazing!"
Senior year drama banquet, taking pictures was the highlight of the night.
Homecoming 2009
Zoo Pictures. Kaylee and Bree Rydalch kidnapped me and made me go to the zoo. My sister from another mister... :)

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