Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh! How I love my Parents. #3

I will start off by saying I love my mom and my dad!
Let's start with my dad. My dad, Charles, or Chuck as he prefer, was a big guy. He had two daughters already when God blessed him with his Snuggle Bunny. AND that was ME! I was his baby girl. We have so many pictures of us with him holding me and I was sleeping on his lap. I love my dad.
He was sent home to live with his father and our Heavenly Father in June of 2001. But I know he still watches over me. And wants to interrogate every guy I date. I love him.
My Mother. :)
Terry Ann
If I could choose anyone to grow up to be like... I would want to be similar to my mother. She is my hero. She has been given some the hardest children to raise and she has done pretty dang well. I can honestly say that my mom is my biggest fan. I can't remember a play that i was in that she wasn't in the audience opening night. I can remember her sitting through the cold to listen to the marching band. I can remember her at all of my concerts. She paid for my dance classes and let me cry on her shoulder when my life became to "tough." I remember one time in the beginning of my junior year when I cried for two hours straight on her bed about nothing but how this one girl hated me and how Cramer's class was stressful and along with the play, yearbook, marching band and dance I was too warn down. She demanded that I take the next day off from school to recuperate myself. I should have listened to her, because the next morning during field show practice I broke down and cried in front of the entire band. It was one of those embarrassing moments that would not have happened if I just listened to my mother.
Through the years, I have discovered that my mother and I are identical. We look and talk the same. And even have a few of the same skills. I love her dearly.
My parents are wonderful, and I happy that I can be with them forever.

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