Monday, February 7, 2011


So I am just going to say that I have the most amazing boyfriend in the WORLD. Months and months ago while I was working at Steiner I listened to the Wicked soundtrack every time I was in the car. And Logan had to just deal with it. Well, I told him the story, and he slowly began to like the music and wanted to see how the songs tied together. Well, my major Christmas present from him was tickets to go see Wicked in New Mexico. (For those of you who don't know what it is... It is the prequel to the Wizard of Oz. It tells the Wicked Witch of the West's story and why she is "Wicked.") Time finally came and we had figured it all out. We drove and then stayed with my grandparents, because they are amazing. I love them. It was free so we saved a lot of money.
Well the show wasn't until Saturday night. But we headed down on Thursday. Bright and early we filled up my car and headed south. Well, we don't have GPS so we were going off Google directions. They were good, I'm just directionally challenged. Get this.. We got "lost" in UTAH. Totally my fault I told him to go west on I-70 instead of East. A few, quite a few miles, in the wrong direction we turned around and didn't have a problem the rest of the drive down there. We made it to my grandparents with welcoming hugs and offers to feed us. We'd munched all day in the car, we weren't hungry just tired of driving. So my Aunt Misti, Uncle Dave, and my cousins Hunter and Jaegar come over and we just sat and enjoyed the company.
Well on Friday I took Logan to the mall for a bit of New Mexico life. The mall was really clean. And HUGE. It was fun. The food court has the highlight of New Mexico on their ceiling. It has hang gliders, and hot air balloons. It's all 3 dimensional and its hanging upside down. I wish I had a picture. It's cool, but hard to explain. The worst part of that mall is that it had an entire store simply for the Dallas Cowboys. My heart broke a little. ;) sorry to those who like them. Anyway. The mall was quite an adventure. But we went back to my grandparents and watch one of John Wayne's first movies and and Hello Dolly! (I found Hello Dolly and Fiddler on the Roof for less than $20 TOTAL! Major find!)
Saturday morning I woke to the smell of bacon. My grandma was making Wheat Belgium waffles and bacom. YUMMY. My grandma's waffles are so light and fluffy they are fantastic. Well, we got ready and we went to find something to do in Old Town Albuquerque. We went to find the other mall, but we didn't ever find it. We found the Albuquerque Museum. It was an art museum. One artist photographed everything with polaroids. It was insane. The rest of it was local artists. Sorry to say, but the Snow College Art Majors are better than what I saw in that museum. But it had exhibits about the history of New Mexico and had cool artifacts. Logan particularly liked the weapons. hahaha! But after that we went to The Natural History Museum. That was cool. Big dinosaurs skeletons, and fossils, and every time we went into one room the building just continued to grow. It was fun though. Logan has the pictures we took there. (I'll eventually get them and put them on Facebook.) The wind picked up and we headed back to Rio Rancho so I could get ready for the show.(This was one of the sculptures. It was weird, but cool. This picture is actually upside down. Whoops!)
It was a good thing we left when we did. The show was on the University of New Mexico campus. The directions we had were WRONG. And I called and asked my uncle for directions after we missed the campus and had no idea where it was. Once we found it we had 15 minutes left before the show started. Our seats were great. It was up in the balcony so we could see everything without a big head in our way. :) The thespian in me has to say that the stage was ASTOUNDING!! In the first picture of the blog it is how the show opened. The dragon lights up and moves and every piece of scenery is on wheels and tracks. Every thing just rolls on with ease and the scenes just transitions into one another without stopping. I don't think I blinked more than 4 times through the entire show. And that was too much. The actors were amazing, the show was fun and the energy they presented just held the audience in suspense with every word. In short, the show was AMAZING! There is nothing else to describe it. Anyone who has a chance to go see it while on tour should, and those who have seen it would probably agree with me. I love love love LOVED it. Logan did too. He was just as into it as me. After the show Logan bought me a shirt and a "green elixir" water bottle. (Green elixir is what turned the Wicked Witch of the West green.) He also bought a shirt. We're twinners ;)

My favorite line---
Fiyero-"This is an engagement party?"
Glinda-"Yes, aren't you surprised!!!!"
Logan, my little drummer boy, he was drumming his fingers to the beat of the drums of the music.

I have the best boyfriend ever!! Thank you so much sweetie!!

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